A few days ago I posted my poem Chinois (French for Chinese) here and on my website. Within 2 minutes I had 2 hits on the website from China. Just looking at the home page. No other hits that day. It may be that China automatically scours the web for any mention of China, regardless of language or content. What makes a country so paranoid that they feel the need to do this. They are not the only ones, we do it too, as do many others. It is easy peezy to scour the internet, websites, social media and anything in the public domain, so be careful what you post. Everything is open to everybody, even people you don’t want to look at your stuff. Less easy to look at e-mail, text, and other private communications but still quite hackable. If you want something to be a secret, don’t tell anybody in any form, including word of mouth.

We’ll see what happens when I post this today. I’ll let you know.

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