Like a fist, a slap on wet meat. Like a raw dog, always hungry, always hunting for the victory. Can't surrender and let yourself down. Bone thin. Shaped into an angel of stone, hunching forward, pleading for mercy, for victory which can only be had with kindness and love.

We Are Just Ghosts

We are the apparitions that linger, haunting, like slick shadows on the hills beneath the hue of a China blue sky, remote and small. Then, like a rushing wind that passes through you, my love, we travel fast with the brevity of life. In the smallest moments of taking in beauty, in actively being people … Continue reading We Are Just Ghosts

Our Beating Hearts

As I lay my ear upon your chest And hear your beating heart song The rhythm and the melody Are the sounds of life The sounds where love belongs To me As I lay my hand upon my chest My beating heart makes so much sense The rhythm and the melody In time with yours … Continue reading Our Beating Hearts


free from color, new snow and milk, light and pallid, white with fear, association of good character and fairness. free from spot or blemish. free from moral impurity, innocent, a white wedding, the harmlessness of a white lie, white magic, heated to the point of whiteness, passionate white fury. politically conservative, a measure, a white … Continue reading White

The Dead Head Rhyme

It’s raining; it’s pouring. The old man was snoring. (and then there was a horrendous boom of thunder, a blinding bolt of lightening, and he leaped up, startled,and then) He bumped his head on the top of the bed, and couldn’t get up in the morning. (because he was dead from a head trauma) Everything … Continue reading The Dead Head Rhyme