The Fourteen

History silences the voices of the oppressed, but only until they are willing to sacrifice everything to make their story heard. ‘You will hear us’ they say, ‘if not today, then in a time yet to surely come’.

Pierre ‘Le Fils’ Charron was seventeen when his father died from a head wound inflicted upon him by the parish priest, Dominick Hugeot. He was seventeen when he was acclaimed to the office of Reeve of his village of Meaux, the position held by his father and his father before him, passed down as a King might pass his crown to a Prince.  He had become their young leader. He was only seventeen when he met Jacques Lefevre, who now returned to Meaux, with the hope of crafting change with his compatriots, The Cenacle. But there was another camp within Meaux seeking change as well, dramatic and historic, though they didn’t realize it at the time. Called a radical terrorist group by their King, The Gospellers sought only to follow their truth.  The Cenacle, The Gospellers, the King of France and his Inquisitor. On the 7th of October 1546, the outcome of their clash was witnessed by the people of Meaux and the course of history was changed.

The Fourteen Cover 10-06-2018

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