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I have just finished Wampeters, Sonnets and Villanelles, a collection of some of my poetry and musings. Also recently published The Tale of Robert and Joan, where the real fate of Joan of Arc gets revealed. Also, recently is The Last King of Iceland.

Besides my published novels, I have a couple of others in the works. Next will be Return To The Singularity, a sequel to The Last King of Iceland, and Cliftonville, a series of connected short stories about some mysteries and adventures in a small Canadian town. Following those, I intend to work on a continuation of the Ancestors series of books. Next will be The Huguenots, a story about the struggles of a small group of reformers and the St Bartholomew Day Massacre.

About me

I began writing fiction as a full-time avocation in 2015 when I was 61. I had retired from a 35 year career as an IT professional and began the pursuit of a lifelong passion.

I am a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin and used to be a son, nephew and grandson. My interests are science, technology, golf and mostly family. I coached amateur sports for thirty years and became well acquainted with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat’. I am an amateur genealogist with a deep interest in the history of my ancestors. I am a descendant of Icelandic, Chinese, French Canadian and Indigenous people, and others, with a pair of great great great great grandmothers native to Canada, one a Swampy Cree, the other a Montagnais.

I live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada with my wife Wendolyn.

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