The Man With No Hat and Other Stories

Hat Stories 2

Available in eBook or paperback

Three dozen short stories by Canadian Novelist/Author W.H. (Wade) Johnson. Meet Rose and Albert, Walter the dog, the Rat Slayer, Katz and Quixote, Rocky and Ape and Doug, whose name is really Neb, who comes from the Dark Matter

The Man With No Hat – a man struggling with his demon of alcoholism

When I Grow Up Too – reflections of younger days gone by

Death of An Uncle – a boys first experience with the death of a loved one.

Leo Lung – a homeless man reveals a mystery from long ago

Me and Bobby – a boy talks of his time with a friend

Boy In The Mountain – a seven year old goes missing in the BC Caribou country

Gratitude – a women tells about her neurotic rescue dog

The Road – on a desolate winter highway, a women comes across a body on the road

All of a Sudden – an encounter between a speeding car and a dislodged tire

The String Lady – a women with multiples personalities

The Last King of Iceland – an elderly man relives a life 800 years ago

Dinner With Dick and Jane – the couple from upstairs have a dinner party

The Ronald Stumpf Show – a TV Talk Show host intoxicates his guests

The Grocery Talk – a neighbour might be a reincarnated relative

Friends – a young boy makes an old man be his friend

Rocky and Ape – the adventures of two young friends

The Lollipop Man – a drug dealer sells deadly suckers

The Main – confrontation between a young drug dealer and an upstart

Katz and Quixote – sibling felines share very different lives

My Friend Lenny – a boys summer at the lake and his Down Syndrome friend

Pay Day – Rose and Albert go shopping

Rat Slayer – the tragic life of an exterminator

Sally Monroe – a woman’s secret life is revealed

The Laughing Cat – Albert watches life and death in a box

Song of the Uncaged Bird – a boy, his first gun and lessons in life

Provocative Odors – Walter the dog sees things differently

Shit Soup – it’s not so bad being fat

Testimony of Two Men – a young man and an old man have different points of view

Shoot The Wounded – Detective Sandusky just wants to retire

The Life and Times of Ross Harper – a new friend turns out to be something unexpected

Opposable Thumbs – Walter the dog goes to the cemetery

Rose Porter – an elderly woman can wait no longer

Yard Apes – why are children like that

The Grandfather Bridge – Albert and Albert get time together

Dark Matter – Doug is not what he seems to be

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