The Tale of Humac

His father had been killed some time ago. No matter, he had been raised for the most part by his mother, sometimes with the aid of the aunties. Today was a grand day. He felt rested and strong and ready to hunt for some fresh meat. Humac strolled bravely out onto the flat plain of the Serengeti, scanning the landscape. There was plenty of bounty. He made his way stealthily and came near to a baby wildebeest that had strayed from the herd. But just as he readied himself to pounce, he was confronted by a lion, the mother wildebeest, a zebra, giraffe and an ostrich. “You cannot hunt here any longer”, the lion said. “You are wasteful. You take life and leave much for the scavengers and flies and the sun to bleach the bones. You do not share with your family or others.” Humac was indignant. “I am superior to all of you. I will take what I want. I may not be the biggest or strongest but I am clever beyond any of you and I will rule this land,” Humac said. The animals conferred amongst themselves. “You are not as clever as you think” the lion finally said, and so they ate Humac, just as his father had been eaten, some time ago.

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