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The Ancestors Series will have 19 books. ‘The Fourteen’, sequel to ‘Agnes of Meaux’, as well as Gillet of Azincourt and No Lesser Persons are all available right now. Check out my short story collection, ‘The Man With No Hat’.

I have finished ‘The Last King of Iceland’ and working on ‘Fire: The Tale Of Robert and Joan’, where the real fate of Joan of Arc gets revealed. This is a story about Robert Charron, son of Gillet Charron, from Gillet of Azincourt.

I am also working on another poetry collection, titled ‘Wampeters, Sonnets and Villanelles’.

In addition to my novels in the Ancestors series, I have a couple others in the works, based upon published short stories. Keep an eye out for ‘Boy In The Mountain’ a mystery thriller and a sequel to ‘The Last King of Iceland’, (which I’ve already told you about), a really cool speculative fiction novel. 

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