No Lesser Persons

Three hundred years before Canada, people of Europe fought each other for the wealth, prosperity and ownership of country that had already been home to the People of the Land for the last ten thousand years.

No Lesser Persons Cover.jpg

Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard needed to escape the lives they were facing in France. He longed for a different life, she for a better one. When the opportunity arose for him to become a colonist in New France, he leapt at the chance, not knowing what kind of life awaited him. She was presented with a once in a lifetime proposition, through a chance encounter with a matron benefactor. Pierre and Catherine met briefly, in an ale house in La Rochelle; something sparked between them and when they met again two years later, on a cold muddy river bank in New France, the spark re-ignited, and they began their life journey together in the new world. They began young and naïve, they faced the hostile Haudenosaunee, insidious bureaucrats, scheming miscreants, plague, poverty and the unforgiving country, but together they grew wise through their struggle to survive and thrive in a harsh land.

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