Make the most.

I am pleased and grateful for this ball of rock and iron and the grand fortuitousness and serendipity of life on earth. The odds of our existence are so infinitesimally small that it boggles the mind. Yet we take it for granted. Make the most.

Choose your own adventure.

If you were reading the book of your life, what would you want to happen next? Are there things you wish you could do, things you would like to say, places you would like to go? Do those things, say those things, go to those places. You are not reading your story, you're writing it, … Continue reading Choose your own adventure.

We Are

We are what we make of ourselves. Aim high, aim for the stars, and we may yet clear the rooftops. We will need courage, tenacity, motivation, and a good sense of humor on the route. Quality of character, happiness, fulfillment of potential and of human needs can be improved through changed values, through redirection of … Continue reading We Are