Chapter 13 – The 2nd Floor

The 2nd Floor Odd Gunnerson’s room “When you are old like me, there is no point looking back, so I just look ahead instead,” Karl said. “We’re not old”. Odd Gunnerson packed his few bits of clothing into an army surplus duffle bag. He was moving to the third floor, to Blount’s old room. He… Continue reading Chapter 13 – The 2nd Floor

Chapter 12 – Rudy’s Blood

Rudy’s Blood Monday afternoon They continued down the hall toward Jon’s room. As they passed Rudy Wernbacher’s room, the door swung open and Karl rushed out, nearly toppling Jon. Karl quickly tucked something inside his lab coat pocket and sped down the hall. His face was drawn and white. “Again,” Jon shouted as Karl sped… Continue reading Chapter 12 – Rudy’s Blood

Chapter 11 – The Elevator

The Elevator Monday afternoon The elevator creaked its way to the ground floor where Jon and Walden and a few others waited by its door. It was small inside, barely enough room for those waiting in front of Jon to board. When Jon and Walden had made the trip down from the 3rd floor it… Continue reading Chapter 11 – The Elevator

Chapter 10 – The Garden

The Garden Monday afternoon “Is Rudy dead?. That bastard killed him.” Jon pointed at Karl Homesman on the far side of the garden. He wasn’t dead, but they had a plastic mask over his mouth to make him breathe. That usually meant the end was near, especially for the ancients at The Lodge. Rudy was… Continue reading Chapter 10 – The Garden

Chapter 9 – Walden Returns

Walden Returns Monday Walden brought a wheelchair for Jon to sit in. Jon complained of course, that he could walk on his own, though his pace was slow. It would take a long time for them to make their way from the third floor of The Lodge down to the garden outside and the fresh… Continue reading Chapter 9 – Walden Returns