Agnes Of Meaux

Even though we are ordinary, sometimes the things we do in our lives change the history of the world, we just don’t realize it at the time.

Agnes was an innocent. A young peasant girl from Meaux, a village of early 16th century France, just a days ride from Paris. She was not special or gifted in anyway. By day she cleaned the Chapter House and the Deanery, in the service of her church. At night she worked at Le Poulet Gras, the ale house where her father and mother scratched out their living. She was a happy girl, in her unassuming innocence, but she fell victim to a common savagery and became the catalyst that sparked a confrontation between Church and its supplicants, between aristocracy and the peasantry, between the rich and poor of Meaux, and added fuel to the fire of reformation that changed the lives of millions that followed.

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