Bad Boy?

Our mother sometimes lost patience and could be a screamer. Like this occasion when we, once again, had a portrait photographer make a home visit. There was a bit of trouble assembling my sister and I for the photo-op and our mother may have threatened us with death, as you can see by our expressions in this portrait. What DO our expressions tell you and why are we looking at some off-camera object to the left? Could it be our mother waving a broomstick?

I had the hair wave again and my sister had on her Machray School tunic. It was an interesting time at school then. As I recall, the girls were required to where this navy tunic uniform, many had a green and gold felt shield with a large letter M, sewn right in the middle. Boys, on the other hand, were not required to wear any uniform at all. I went to Machray School through kindergarten, grade one and part of grade two. Mrs. Flatt was my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Hunter was my second. I don’t recall the name of my kindergarten teacher, but I do remember getting in trouble for kissing a girl named Dawn, in the cloak room. I also got in a bit of trouble in grade one for punching a grade sixer in the stomach when he stole our soccer ball at recess. I was sent to see the principal. I had heard rumours that there was a hand punishment, if you were sent to the office. When I entered, I saw the huge flat deck paper cutter with the guillotine slicing handle and believed I was about to lose a hand.

I may have been a bit of a problem child, though this was well before the days of ADHD. In fact, as I recall, the reason our mother was so angry at the time of this picture is because I was running up and down the apartment building hallway in absent minded play and not obeying her order to get seated for the photographer, who was on a tight schedule. Both my sister and I got in trouble.Sorry Sis.

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One thought on “Bad Boy?

  1. I remember that feeling of this. I felt browbeaten and very demoralized. Maybe we embarrassed her in front of the photographer. I know it was hard to smile and I felt separated from her then. The wall went up. Maybe the first time I was angry with her.


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