Campbell Cousins

Here is my sister (back left) with my cousin Jeff(front left), my cousin Christine (middle with a head full of pin curls) and cousin David (before he got hit by the car) on the right. This photo was taken on the boulevard in front of their house, a block from our sandstone apartment. You can see Main Street in the background.

A block from here was a restaurant called Chelekis (sp?). You could go there for a nip (cheeseburger) and chips or you could stand at their takeout window and for 10 cents get the most delicious french fries that were ever made.

This is Aunt Louise, mother of Christine, Jeff and David, face covered because she was sans-makeup at the time, I guess. She babysat us often. The lunch meal seemed to frequently be Pea Soup, which was awful and planted a dislike for that meal in me that persists to this day. The house they lived in is still there today, but the sandstone apartment building has long since been replaced by single family dwellings.

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