We did picnics back then. Here is a picnic picture.


This is not a picnic picture of our family. I have no idea who these people are or why I have a picture of them sitting on a blanket in a field somewhere. They look like they’re enjoying themselves, though all of them being crammed onto that blanket makes me think of Titanic survivors stuffed into a lifeboat on the deathly cold North Atlantic watching their unsinkable monolith disappear into the black depths of the sea amidst a swirl of desperate and rapidly fading helpless and doomed souls.

On the other hand, our picnics were rather fun, in those days. Here we are enjoying a bit of lunch in the park. I have no idea who the strangers are but that is me standing beside my mother, who is devouring the sandwich I thought was mine and beside me my father is trying to contain my  sister who is just beginning her transition into evildom. Perhaps our table companions were neighbors and that is Puffin on her mothers lap, before her sad demise. Or perhaps they are just friendly strangers.

Copy of The picnic 1955 (2)

If anybody recognizes them, please let me know.

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One thought on “Picnics

  1. It looks like Mom is eating fried chicken. The other couple remind me of Aunt Margaret and uncle Bill but I doubt it’s them. Lorraine or Judy would have been quite a bit older. I was probably trying to run away as you constantly had to have everything. I might have had something you would have had your eye on.


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