One of my excursions took me on a trek towards the babysitter’s house.  Probably hoping to sneak a ride in the peddle car before her kids woke and barred me from having fun.  I recall that it was still cool outside and I was in pajamas.


My feet were bare.  I had to traverse several gravel driveways on the journey from our house to the babysitter’s.  One of the driveways happened to be littered with shattered glass and I sliced my bare feet into shreds.  I don’t recall it hurting much but still, there was great concern from my parents.  My father prepared a poultice made from some green plant off the roadside.  Not sure if this was at the time of the shredding or shortly afterwards, once a puss oozing infection had set in.  Home medicine learned from his mother, my Icelandic Amma.


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