Crotch Shot

I’m not sure where this photo was taken. Could still be in Winnipeg or we may already be in Bowness. This might be at our babysitters house in Bowness. She had a couple of kids and they had a very cool peddle car, that I was almost never allowed to play with. I think she fed us Vegemite sandwiches and powdered milk.

Wade at 2

You can tell by the long shadow that the picture was taken late in the day. I’m in a t-shirt so it must be warm out.  This is the early fall of 1955.  Whoever took the picture is crouching, to be at eye level with me and is probably trying to capture the white bulge sticking out of the front of my pants.  Probably an errant fold of diaper or training pants and not my tiny blanched scrotum protruding from a crotch tear.

My evil sister mocks my childish innocence from afar while the photographer makes me look into the blazing sun, scorching my little retinas.

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