Stonehead and the Skinny White Kid

It is so easy to get drawn into the fight. Even though you have no stake. Before you know it, you are one of them. Just like them. Except not really. But now you have no choice but to go along. Perhaps you had no choice, anyway. You are just a skinny white kid, looking to be part of something, to have meaning, to belong to something, so you are not alone. And they become your group, your gang, your new family, and they have your unquestioned loyalty. You are oblivious to everything they do except those things that make you part of them. Everything is wonderful. Everything supports the cause, the gang, the movement.

And there is the leader, your leader, Stonehead. Given this moniker not because he is a heavy drug user but because his head appears to be made of stone. Hard as rock. He can take a blow to the chin and not even blink. He is your hero, your idol and you want to be just like him, because he is invincible and he told you that once he was a skinny white kid, just like you.

Life is fatal, so don’t waste it

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