There are murderers afoot. They are pretenders to just causes, though they believe themselves genuine, they are casual zealots. There are many and their will is to threaten innocents. The truth of life and true meaning are long lost. Have they always been lost, in painful tragedies, in needlessness? We are still like monkeys defending our territories over grapefruit and bananas. We are early in our evolution, our invention. Free to make excuses. Free to remain detached from ourselves, too soon as junkies of politics, as power demons, normalized to pain and greed. Are these the things that expose us to our lies? Are these the things that power creates? Are these the things that lead our brave young to death? I weep, the shame, the waste of humanity, the presumption that a life has no value. Do we stay divided? Do we question both sides? Do we decide there are more than two sides and not all are stupid? Do we care to love each other? How long are we content to pretend we care about the elsewhere horror, to stay as insulated news viewers, to feel disconnected from the umbilicus of life, as a human, for this short, short time we have? It is time to stop being monkeys.

War does not determine who is right – only who is left – Bertrand Russell

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