Raven of War

How many days will it be

until we flee with our own children

to escape the fools of fire.

The day after yesterday

could see demons dropping on the tarmac

as the Raven caws out ‘fools of fantasy’.

As we reflect upon that yesterday,

making excuses for the savagery

the Raven caws from a broken tree.

Before the end

will we remain the same,

as the Raven mocks our foolishness?

There are no middle days

where we find compassion,

no friends for the Raven to behold.

Upon his broken tree, he sees in us,

no prophet in this thing of evil

to be lifted, nevermore.

I am just a bird, he caws,

no foolish fantasy in this.

I eat the carrion,

the decaying flesh on either side.

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind – John F. Kennedy

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