Signs From The Universe – The Speed of Thought

There is much more to the universe than we know, more even than we can speculate. For example, science suggests that our universe began with the Big Bang or Cosmic Inflation. That is only partially true of course. It is true that our physical universe, the matter and energy for the physical space we exist in presently could have had that beginning. But where did the energy and matter come from to allow for the initiation of the Big Bang? Did it just appear out of nowhere? Did it come from collision with another universe? Did time begin at the moment of the Big Bang? There are a universe of unanswered questions which, sadly, we will never know the answers to in our lifetimes. But because we are part of the universe, we are connected and we can communicate with it if we want to and if we allow ourselves to. We can traverse our universe at the speed of thought.

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