Sol Varp Sunnan

Sol Varp Sunnan



Sun from the south, Moon’s companion

cast her right hand over the sky’s rim.

Sun did not see who labored in her shade,

a gardener who had no heights to scale.

Sun did not know where she had a home,

yet the gardener’s hands found certainty in soil.

Stars did not know where they belonged,

while the gardener’s boots left prints in softened ground.

And as the gardener’s work broached heaven’s margin,

Moon did not know what strength she held.

Translated from the Old Norse, below


Sol varp sunnan,

sinni måna,

hendi inni hægri

um himin-jodyr.

Sol fat nje vissi,

hvar hon sali åtti,

stjornur fat nje vissu,

hvar fær stadi åttu,

mani fat nje vissi,

hvat hann megins åtti.

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