Three Little Pigs

Power, Greed, and Opportunity

Three of the little pigs of Hurly Farm, realize their plight, that they are being bread for slaughter and consumption. Each has a different point of view and argument. One is vegetarian, one is political, one is spiritual, existential.

They plan to breakout and escape and become feral. Each of the three tries to convince the common pigs to follow them because their way is better. Power tries to convince everyone that the whole world is against them, even though there is no real danger to themselves, except from terrorists, guns, immigrant animals, drugs and the fake talkers. “Everyone is against us, they are all enemies.”

The 3 pigs start out equal, but Power is ruthless and will do anything to have control. Power insults Greed because Greed collects wealth and hoards it and doesn’t put it to good use. He criticizes Opportunity for being foolish and unrealistic. Power wants praise and adoration. Power is unstable, narcissistic, is a pathological liar, declares a new world order but the NWO is just one lie after another and obfuscation.

They say goodbye to their mother, who lays sideways in a pen barely large enough for her to fit. Her only job is to birth piglets and suckle them. She will never be meat, like them. She has heard the farmer call them the ‘long pigs’, because they taste human.

They break out. Other pigs follow. One drowns, one is hit by a car, another loses an eye, snagged on barbed-wire, one drowns in a ditch full of stagnant water and another is seduced by an alcoholic goat that forces him to consume so much liquor that he dies from alcohol poisoning. Power is captured and sent back, to be a lesson to others. Greed and Opportunity escape and meet up with a gang a feral pigs and wild boars. Opportunity is killed, but Greed is allowed to integrate into the pack.

“We called him Opportunity, even though his name was Chance. We thought calling him Opportunity would be funnier than Chance. It suited him, because he was a funny guy. Funnier than us. Me and Greed. It was a murder, a swine-icide, but it was better to try to break out than to just be a sheep, led to the slaughter. Sheep, that’s funny. They don’t really go to the slaughter, if they make it alive to full grown. They are just repeatedly fleeced, shaved. The babies go though, by the millions. The lambs. They’ll believe anything.”

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any – Alice Walker

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