I feel no need to join with like-minded people. I see no need to be part of the gang, dedicated to group think. We may think alike, on some things. We may cheer for the same team, hate the same evil and corruption and swear allegiance to the same flag. But we are not the same. The gang wants to be a gang, so all nod their heads at the same time in the same way. But some of us just want to be single in our thoughts. Sharing thoughts with nodding heads is not something we care to do. We do not seek the approval of like-minded thinkers. Not that we dislike like-minded folks and we will take the time to commiserate, should we find ourselves in the company of someone friendly and agreeable. But even we like-minders have differences. There are many things in life and we can’t agree on all of them. We may agree that there are people who are a stain upon humanity, but if you are a whiner, I do not wish to be trapped in the same room with you if you need to satisfy your compulsion. We may agree that the sky is blue, mostly, and the earth should be green. But if you are a pedophile, there is no room for you in my room.

Does that mean we like-minders are a gang too?

How many of us should it take to speak the truth?


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