Chapter 119 – Bonded

We were bonded into each other, he and I and the Karl, the Shirley and all the others, even the Greta. We are bonded, always have been, forever since time, though it is unknown until we return here, each time every time. More than bonded we are one thing, a thing beyond being a person by itself.

We are one with my Hallveig. We are one with my Harriet. More full than being together as two, together but separate. More than a bond, we are one thing. His Harriet, our Harriet, who was Hallveig in herself, now of ourself. Melding, as if returning home after an eternity lost and not knowing we were lost until we returned.

They all came into us, all those who came before and after; we knew them all as if we were one. From Önundur “fylsenni”, five hundred years before our Snorri and to those a thousand years before him and ten thousand years after. Into Odin, when he was real, into Aud, and Ketill and Harold, into Loftsson, who was his own father and mother and grandfather, and his langafi. Into the strange and beauteous creatures, like Utod-bolingus-mons, from the cloud and water place so far away across the universe of stars. Inside all live the glowing seed, a swirling sphere of rich love glue.

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