Chapter 99 – The Dream Place

I was in the dream place and ‘he’ was there, though we were like two people on opposite sides of a mirror, a curtain of clear water between us. I could reach him with my hand and he could reach me, but neither could feel the other. We were in light, but everything beyond us was darkness that went on forever with no end. I felt as though I stood on solid ground but there was no ground beneath my feet. I felt a light inside my belly, glowing, becoming the place of my power and all knowledge. I felt as though I could know anything, everything, and all I needed to do was think of it and the knowledge would be mine. I could see all things ahead of me, things not yet happened. The past and the future all occurring at the same time. It gave me great joy to be in this place, as if it was the place I was always meant to be, as if it was my home and I was meant to return to it always, drawn to it like lodestone draws a piece of iron to it.

He was a child, a young man and old, ancient beyond any man I had ever known. His eyes were my eyes and it was as though I could look through his eyes and see myself, as a child, a young man, and the man I have become, fat and gouty with itchy scabs. A most amazing thing.

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