Chapter 74 – The Centenarian

The Cold Room

Dr. Hauptman pulled the sheet back off Jon Magnusson. Big Bruce waited to be dismissed. Hauptman wondered how many others might have come to him recently that he had just dismissed as death from old age, when there may have been something suspicious. Perhaps he had been too cavalier in his assessments. He placed the chart with the unsigned death certificate onto his desk. It was too early to attribute a cause and sign it. Had somebody done something to Jon Magnusson, the Centenarian, to others that had passed away recently, perhaps before their time? Old people die anyway so why is it so bad to end them a few days or weeks early, relieve their suffering or their anticipation of the coming end. Maybe it is aid he would have given himself.

A bag with some of Jon’s belongings accompanied the body on the gurney. Along with his few treasures, his big red book, the small urn with Harriet’s ashes and a few other personal trinkets was the baggie with Greta Lundberg’s stash of miscellaneous pills. Many different kinds and colors of anonymous medications; more than Greta Lundberg would ever use on her own.

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