About The Last King of Iceland

Eight hundred years between their lives. Related by 19 generations of ancestors and descendants blood shared between them. They are different men from different times yet across the bridge of time, they are one.

Jon Magnusson, a ninety-nine year old retired professor of Norse history and 19th great grandson of the renowned Icelandic scholar, historian, and lawmaker, Snorri Sturluson, has found himself spending his final days before his hundredth birthday, confined in ‘The Lodge’. He doesn’t want to be there, he expected to spend the days before he became a centenarian in the house he shared with his loving wife Harriet, now gone ten years. But his son Magnus had not shown for the daily caregiving visitation. He and wife Wilma have been taken suddenly by a faulty furnace, leaving Jon without a caregiver.

Now Jon must contend with the unwelcome Lodge and its cadre of decrepit old timers. He must hang on until his birthday when he crosses the century threshold so he can come into the Singularity. But Jon is an atheist, he has no belief in a God or afterlife. Where did the idea of a Singularity, a return to the origin of the universe, enter his mind? What even is the Singularity.

But there is a problem. The old timers at the Lodge seem to be succumbing to mysterious and untimely demise. A serial killer in their midst perhaps. A nemesis that could prevent Jon from attaining his Singularity. He must find and stop the menace.

In the thirteenth century, Snorri Sturluson shares his life story, from the time he was fostered from his father’s house at four years of age, through his rise of fame and fortune to his assassination in his later life when his power and notoriety had failed him. He was a real man, his story told here true in many senses. He was the 19th great grandfather of Jon Magnusson and thousands of others. He was the subject of hundreds of lectures, copious research and a treatise written by Professor Jon Magnusson about his famous ancestor.

Now, at The Lodge, the residents come to the Sunroom to hear the near centenarian tell the story of Snorri Sturluson. But as he approaches his magic day, Jon is failing. He is desperate to reach his goal and desperate to catch the killer of the elderly before the killer can extinguish Jon before his day. If he can make his birthday without being assassinated, Jon Magnusson can achieve Singularity and truly come to know his ancestor Snorri Sturluson.

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