Man Cleaning Tips

Men there are a number of fast and easy ways to double or even triple your productivity
when performing your routine and mundane household tasks. Here they are, try them out
free of charge and pass them on to our fellow man servants.
Laundry – cut your laundry washing tasks in half by simply turning clothing inside out
and re-wearing. Bedding can be reused with a quick flip of the sheet to turn the clean
side upwards. Similarly dish and bath towels can double their effective usable time by
exposing the clean side on the towel rack. Face cloths can be reused, unless they’ve been
used in between to mop up spilled shaving cream or toothpaste from a floor that hasn’t
been properly swept first. Even malodorous dish cloths can have extended life by
squeezing fresh lemon on them to mask the smell.

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