The power of tolerance

is within YOU

It is not OUT THERE

It is not UP THERE

It is within YOU

It is within ME

Within US



I am intolerant of intolerant people. But then, as I say that, out loud, I realize my hypocrisy. Defined, ingrained within me, learned from infancy with no chance to make my own choice, my inner self, my DNA. I can only see through my own eyes, not yours. I pretend tolerance. I navigate my way through my inner prejudice, my inner sense that I understand but you do not. I am different. We are different. We are the same but not the same. If I tell you that I hate haters, then I tell you that I hate myself. Beneath our skin and flesh and intolerant beliefs, our bones are all the same. Human. Truly all the same, in our existence. Where is that place of true tolerance, where inner peace exists.

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