Breaking News GJ357D

I was studying exoplanet GJ357D, as recently reported by NASA, see, when out of nowhere I spotted an incredible energy source. Unlike any EM, small or large nuclear or gravity force. It glowed and vibrated and seemed to be communicating, not in language but in an absorption process that filled my brain with awareness of all things. Things unknown.

I’m keeping it in here for now.

It doesn’t seem to mind, though I’m not certain that it is always in there. Absolute proof positive that life exists elsewhere in our universe. Since GJ357D is 31 light years from Earth and this Source appeared to me instantaneously, it is clear that travelling faster than light is possible, if indeed it traveled. Perhaps it just IS. It IS there and it IS here.

Time will tell. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank goodness for TESS or we might never know about this.

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