Lessons of Life

Throughout our lives we encounter what appear to be epiphanies of logic or truth (at the time). But as things turn out, today’s truth may actually be tomorrow’s folly. In my own experience I have found this and each decade that I have aged I have discovered many things that I knew before were actually only brilliant at the time. I estimate that for each decade of my life, I have become an order of magnitude wiser. That is not to say ‘smarter’, just more aware of life’s truths. Perhaps the most profound life lesson I know is ‘life becomes much easier once you admit that you don’t know everything or that you don’t always have the answer or that you are not always right.’

All lessons we learn in life (or don’t learn) are not new. Every single tidbit of brilliance that I write here has been thought or said by others in the past. So these are not my exclusive insights, but I will share them with you any way. You can read them or not; you can believe them or not, but in my experience it is almost always worthwhile to consider advice or a life lesson and see if it applies to you. It won’t always, and ‘not everybody’s advice is good and many times those of us giving advice don’t know what the hell we’re talking about.’

I will post some of my tidbits here, in this blog. I would love to hear some of your lessons and insights. Send them to me and perhaps we can share them.

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