Man Boobs

You know you’re getting old when your man-boobs begin to sag. This, of course, only applies if: 1. you are a man; 2. you are old or getting old; and 3. you have boobs.

Long gone are the days of your impressive pectoralis major and minor muscles that you could flex at will as if they were rock hard chest biceps. Now they just pout and droop and sag, as if they have become your petulant, flabby chest jowls.

Even that rippling concrete undulation that was your stunning six pack of abdominal envy, above your waistline, has bloomed into the doughy muffin top mass, of your waste area, that could be easily mistaken for a near full term pregnancy (given the proper gender).

But do not dismay, at least you still have your sharp wit and the benefit of the vast knowledge and wisdom you have earned over the course of your life experiences. That is unless you have grown into an irritable old fart, deteriorated by the irascible contagion of ‘old timers disease’.

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