Back to Machray

We moved again. It was in the middle of the school year again. I went from Mrs. Fazuruk’s grade 3 class at Templeton School to Mrs. Smyth’s class back at Machray School. But this time it was different. I got to go to the ‘big’ school instead of the little kids school.

There were two school houses on the Machray School property. The red brick two story, where the kindergarten to grade two’s went and the three-story sandstone, with the circular fire-escape slide, where the grade three to six went. The big kids in the big school. There were even bigger kids in our new neighborhood, bigger than the grade sixers. Here are a couple. This is Karen and Joyce, posing for the camera in the school yard. That is the little kids Machray School in the background.

Karen and Joyce 1962

I’m pretty sure Karen and Joyce were at least in grade seven.

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