Cowboy Christmas

We were blessed with a bountiful Christmas in 1956, filled with good food and plenty of cowboy things.  Calgary is a western (cowboy) city and Bowness, being just on the outskirts back then, enjoyed this culture by association and proximity. My evil sister is mocking me because I had to sit on a high stool while she got to sit in a real chair, close to the stack of white bread. My hat is obviously stapled to my head to keep it from falling off. The cowboy hat was red and I have dressed for dinner in a white shirt, c/w cuff links, bow tie, suspenders and a belt.  My parents must have thought I had trouble keeping my pants up. Not sure why I have such a huge plate of food.

Bowness Christmas dinnermore Bowness 3

That is a toy gun in my right hand.  Not a cap gun. I am holding a toy steam engine/coal car in my left hand, resting on the rocking horse head.  I’m wearing the rest of my Christmas presents.

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