Christmas 1956

These pictures were taken around Christmas time in 1956.  I would have just turned 3.  It’s obviously Christmas and there was another professional photo-op going on. My folks didn’t waste the occasion of my dressing up just for the professional photos alone.  They also took these ‘candid’ snapshots of me decorating the tree and standing next to the hi-tech combo console TV and stereo record player.

This lovely blonde oak entertainment center was repossessed a short time after the photo. Wheels were slowly starting to fall off the wagon. But when this Christmas picture was taken things were still prosperous. I recall getting to go to the work site with my father one day. He did some kind of paperwork at a construction shack where they were building a new highway. Might have been the Edmonton Trail or the highway to Banff. It was a long boring drive to get there. I might have had a bit of ADHD back then so anything longer that ten minutes in the car would have been insane.



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