In The Army Now

So, as I said, my first memories are from our time living in Bowness, Alberta.  I estimate that I was between two and three and a half when we lived there.  It is most likely that we moved there as a result of the military posting for my father.  Here are photos of him marching on parade at the Currie Barracks in Calgary.  That’s him, in the middle of the pack of marchers. (jk :))


Here is another one. You can sort of make him out in this one.  He is the one standing just past the flag bearer.  You can’t really tell here but if you enlarge this photo several hundred times and you know what he looked like, then you can tell it is him.

2013_06_01_10_45_430001So this photo was printed in June 1956 and we still lived in Bowness and my father was still in the army.  PPCLI Signal Corps, I don’t know the Battalion number. Also I don’t know what is burning in the background. Perhaps they used to fry disobedient soldiers at the stake.

A few of his army buddies used to come by the house. This is Lloyd.


And this is Jack

2013_06_01_10_45_140001And here is a photo with some young men seated on bunk beds enjoying a beer and camaraderie.  I think they may have boarded with us at the time.  I don’t recall any of these guys but I do remember metal bunk beds.



Our house in Bowness was not that far from the Currie Barracks, just a short drive up Crowchild Trail.  Oh, and here is Jack again sitting on the couch at our place.


Jack stayed in the military, the PPCLI.  We actually got to live at his place about ten years after this photo.  He was stationed in Edmonton and lived in the ‘permanent married quarters’ on the Griesbach base.  We stayed with him because the house we rented had to be fumigated for bugs and we had to vacate for a week or so.

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