October 7th

On this day in 1849 author/poet Edgar Allan Poe passed away at the age of 40.

Author Edgar Allan Poe

He was considered part of the American Romantic Movement, and best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre.  Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story, and is generally considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre.

He is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction, and was the first well-known American writer to try to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career.

I memorized and recited (at the head of the class) his 118 line poem The Raven as an English 10 project and earned a 90% as my final yearly grade.

Also on this day, but in 2018, The Fourteen: Ancestors Book 5 is available for Kobo readers.

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