Perhaps it is not so horrible to lose your memory, as long as it is sufficiently lost. As long as there are no bent musings that remain. Brown, discomforting thoughts. Just thoughts. Nothing in our blissful conscience that speaks of hideous things. Because we cannot sniff ourselves like a dog examining its severed limb, or … Continue reading Memory


When life becomes hollow and empty and mothers are driven to their knees, with broken hearts and crushed souls as the children are placed in unnecessary coffins, it is long past the time to cease the carnage. There he is. Buried beside his grandmother, slain by another fancy man, swallowed beneath the green grass turned … Continue reading Madness

If We Are True?

If we are truly prisoners trapped inside this episode of love then why would we stop? Why should we continue to suffer, if we are lovers of life? If we are truly lovers then how do we explain all our other loves, the power they hold, the raw reality of their living, their deepness? If … Continue reading If We Are True?

I Could Have Been a Spider

I am not an academic, though I seem to have an intense interest in knowledge of all sorts. People mostly, the things that make up their life stories. Warning. Large hairy spiders with a thousand eyes live in the shower, behind the curtain. It’s not their fault. The nemesis of hot water makes them panic … Continue reading I Could Have Been a Spider