If We Are True?

If we are truly prisoners trapped inside this episode of love then why would we stop? Why should we continue to suffer, if we are lovers of life? If we are truly lovers then how do we explain all our other loves, the power they hold, the raw reality of their living, their deepness? If … Continue reading If We Are True?

We Have Become The Echo

We are the extinguished spark where life resides, begat in flame, long ago, confined in the shrinking prison where fallen victims unknowingly share the villainy of all mankind. We will sleep soon. The night is cold but never touches dream unless the dream too is cold. Sad and pointless, like an echo, to have made … Continue reading We Have Become The Echo

The Demon Fly

The Demon Fly I admit, the fly buzzed loud and sounded like a whole swarm of tiny fuzzy bodied transparent winged demons invading the quiet of the house. Just the dog and me. He, the dog, is watching me cook, waiting for fallout from the counter, and it better be delicious. Meat not vegetable. I … Continue reading The Demon Fly


Remember the gravel road? Our house seemed bigger then. I suppose it really wasn't, I suppose I was just small. Remember mother then, her turquoise pullover, her watchful eye so far away, so close. Remember all those bits of life, her youth seemed old to me, she seemed so permanent. Yet she was so fragile … Continue reading Mother

Cowboys and Indians

When I was a kid, we often played cowboys and Indians or sometimes we played soldiers. Always divided into good guys and bad guys. Some of us were very good at being shot and tumbling in magnificent form as we fell dead on the ground. Sometimes even praised by our fellow combatants at how expertly … Continue reading Cowboys and Indians