Chapter 8 – Rudy’s Fit

Rudy’s Fit “Nurse Clara.” A man’s voice called down the long hallway. The sound of her name carried like an echo in a cavern. “Nurse Clara, you better come quick, it’s Rudy, old man Wernbacher. He’s going quick, Better hurry.” It was Karl calling. Nurse Clara poked her head out of the Sunroom door to… Continue reading Chapter 8 – Rudy’s Fit

Chapter 7 – The Book

The Book Jon’s Room Without speaking, Bruce gave Walden three rolls of the good toilet paper. He stood a head taller than Walden, with such a bulk it made Walden think Big Bruce the orderly must play pro football in his spare time. *** Walden passed one roll to Jon through a crack in the… Continue reading Chapter 7 – The Book

Chapter 6 – Nurse Shirley

Nurse Shirley Nurses Hub The walls of the hallway were festooned with brightly colored artwork. Some done by expert hands, some obviously drawn or painted by children. On the wall beside the door of each residents room was a photograph of the occupant, with their name printed in large black letters below. The portrait of… Continue reading Chapter 6 – Nurse Shirley

Chapter 5 – Walden

Walden Sunroom He shuddered as the hand touched his shoulder. His eyes opened slowly but could not focus, still clouded with sleep. “There is so much blood,” Jon croaked, his throat needing clearing. He was looking at the face but it took moments for him to understand whose face he was seeing. It was Walden,… Continue reading Chapter 5 – Walden

Chapter 4 – Mable Bleakhouse

Mable Bleakhouse The buzzing was intermittent and distant. Jon wasn’t certain he was hearing an actual sound or if it was just an annoyance dreamed up by his imagination. He wanted it to stop, but it wouldn’t. He shifted himself slowly out of his bed, shuffled to his doorway and looked down the hall toward… Continue reading Chapter 4 – Mable Bleakhouse