Each one of us is unique.

A combination of genes that has never been seen before on planet earth - a new experiment in being human. There is no archetypical human. You're just as perfect an example of homo sapiens as the next person - any person. And the human species is the sum of its parts - all of that … Continue reading Each one of us is unique.

Old Man In Red

There was an old man All dressed in red With 14 ducks around his head And chickens around his feet. He had no hair upon his head The ducks had dined and fed The chickens plucked and pecked his feet Until they were shreds of red. He walked the road With his heavy load On … Continue reading Old Man In Red

Making a kinder you

Being kind is like a craft- you can get better at it through practice. What can you do today to be a kinder person? Try keeping a journal and writing down your kindnesses. Reflect at the end of the week- have you made yourself a kinder person?

Being Kind To Yourself

As well as thinking about what you can improve in yourself, you also need to accept yourself for who you are. Practice self compassion- accepting yourself with all your faults, frailties, and foibles. It will be good for you, and it will help you extend compassion to others. You will become not just happier but … Continue reading Being Kind To Yourself