White – poems and things

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I wrote my first poem in 1969. I had mistakenly registered in Literature 21, a class I believed would be my introduction to creative writing. It was not. Instead the focus was more on the history and structure of literature and an even more intense version of English, with respect to grammar and style. I began writing poetry as a distraction from the lessons of the class. Fortunately I was saved by there still being an available seat in Language 21, which was the true creative writing vehicle. There I met the late Brenda Walls, who in addition to being my teacher, became a mentor, a critic and the staff advisor when I took on the role as Editor of the school literary publication, the Vista, in my senior year. More than that, it pleases me to say that we were friends. I wish she were still here.

This collection is in two parts. First, the part I call 1970 is a collection of poems originally written between 1969 and 1973. I have done a little doctoring because many were simply morose crap. The next part, 2053 were composed sparsely from about 1989 onward. Sparsely, I say, because I wrote fewer over a longer period of time and took time to think about what I was writing. The poems of 1970 were written with the motivation of quantity versus quality. I was inebriated by my own voluminous verbosity, even though the words stunk. The 2053 part is named such because that is the year I will turn 100.