17 Stories: Some Long, Some Short

Available in eBook or paperback

Seventeen stories, some long, some short, some told in 1st person some in 3rd, some from the female point of view, some from the male, some from the very young, some from the very old and everything in between.

Table of Stories

The Man With No Hat – a man struggling with his demon of alcoholism

Agnes – an adolescent girl in 16th century France becomes the catalyst of a reformation

When I Grow Up Too – reflections of younger days gone by

Death of An Uncle – a boys first experience with the death of a loved one.

The Carriage House – in 16th century France a village leader confronts an abusive priest

Leo Lung – a homeless man reveals a mystery from long ago

Me and Bobby – a boy talks of his time with a friend

Who Killed Guy Bastogne – a boy is found murdered beneath a bridge

Boy In The Mountain – a seven year old goes missing in the BC Caribou country

The Tanner – tribulations in a blended family in 17th century France

Gratitude – a women tells about her neurotic rescue dog

The Road – on a desolate winter highway, a women comes across a body on the road

All of a Sudden – an encounter between a speeding car and a dislodged tire

Judith Martin – in 17th century France, a widow faces humiliation and the wrath of her church

The String Lady – a woman with multiples personalities decides she must kill the evil one if the others are to survive

The Countess and the Bishop – an aged atheist Countess has it out with a greedy bishop

The Last King of Iceland – an elderly man confined to a nursing home imagines an encounter with an historical figure from 800 years ago