My Life On Earth


It’s true, I had an interest in speed. To see how fast I could go. I was no daredevil but neither was I a Nervous Nelly or Timid Timmy. Gavin, my friend that lived on a lot behind our house on Fir, in a house trailer with his single mother, had a bicycle. I thought… Continue reading Daredevil

November 22nd

John F. Kennedy Today is the 57th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. I was in Miss Bilton’s 5th grade class at Connaught School in Calgary when the news came over the PA system that morning. Miss Bilton gave a screech and then wept. I didn’t understand the word ‘assassination’ at the time.… Continue reading November 22nd


So that was the nickname I acquired early in my grade eight school year at David Stoddart. It was initially anointed upon me by Jackie Collins, a longer time resident in Clinton. He was known as an excellent hockey player and outstanding athlete but a bully and not very bright. He was one of a… Continue reading Ape


Before moving to our house on Fir Avenue, in Clinton, we were situated in a small two bedroom house on Foster Avenue, in the middle of town. A very small place but it was temporary, until the house on Fir was made ready. I don’t know why it was not already ready when we moved… Continue reading Rocky

Man Cleaning Tips

Men there are a number of fast and easy ways to double or even triple your productivitywhen performing your routine and mundane household tasks. Here they are, try them outfree of charge and pass them on to our fellow man servants.Laundry – cut your laundry washing tasks in half by simply turning clothing inside outand… Continue reading Man Cleaning Tips